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Frazzini and the city council (letter: Ellensburg Daily Record)

Ellensburg Daily Record
March 23, 1981

I was intrigued to read the Record account of Monday’s City Council meeting. As someone who is rather new to Ellensburg’s market-place arena, I was struck by the lack of constructive interchange between John Frazzini and some of the Council Members.

From the published account, it almost appeared as if Mr. Frazzini had a hidden agenda of his own in his appearance at the meeting, to wit: An accusatory of confrontation with the Council. On the other hand, it appeared that some of the Council members had already decided that Frazzini had little to offer and were not prepared to do much listening.

I would suggest to Mr. Frazzini that when he again appears before the City Council, he make a request to be on the official agenda under “New Business” and then have his presentation organized and substantiated. To the Council, I would suggest they keep in mind that while parliamentary order and decency are important, they should be more sensitive to the small size of our community and the freedom which that smallness should afford us participate in the governmental process.

As someone who wants to see a more rapid growth in the number of jobs in our valley and the end to the, exodus of market-place opportunities, I am disturbed with  all the attention, the City Council still seems to be giving to public-funded projects such as new community center and a recreation trail through the County.

I don’t have any easy or ready solutions, but it occurs to me the City Council should direct more of its time and creative energy in providing a healthy atmosphere for tax-paying, job-giving employers.


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