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“Let UW defer to CWU, ex-Central official writes” (letter: Puget Sound Business Journal)

Puget Sound Business Journal
December 28, 1987

In your Nov, 30, 1987 editorial, “UW expansion plan needs private school involvement,” you rightly indicated that the recent report of the Higher Education Coordinating Board referenced the role and value of the independent, private colleges in the state’s higher education whom. This is a particularly important notion to remember as the University of Washington Is about to reinvent the educational wheel in delivering baccalaureate programs to place-bound Puget Sound area students.

While your comments concerning institutional cooperation are well put, they are insufficient in that, the comments don’t address the need for the UW (or anyone else) to at least consult, if not defer to, Central Washington University before it seeks to offer extension programs an Pierce, King or Snohomish counties.

As the immediate past chairman of the Board of Trustees of CWU; I feel compelled to point out that for well over a decade, Central has been the prime educator of place-bound students in the Puget Sound region.
We have operated under, the legislature’s mandate, to be such. We currently have full scale Westside commencement exercises every June, with leading Puget Sound political figures keynoting the graduation ceremonies. We have conferred over 1,000 B.A. degrees and we, have members of the elite “Distinguished Professor of the University” cadre teaching our Westside students.

The point of all this explanation is that CWU already has the administrative infrastructure established and operating. There is no need for costly experimentation. We have a proven track record of being responsive to student demands for numerous graduate and undergraduate programs and we know what we’re doing. You correctly note that ‘,it’s imperative that the HEC Board and the Legislature be cost-conscious in their evaluation of the university system’s urban plans and attempt to integrate, existing private institutions, with proven track records, into those plans.”

I can tell you, as a UW grad, and as a business owner (I even advertise in the PSBJ) that if you really mean what you write, then you must support the continuation of Central’s programs and,, even press for Central to, continue to, be the prime deliverer of undergraduate education to the place-bound students in the Puget Sound region.

In any business environment, Central’s Extended University Program operation would be judged to be lean, efficient and cost-effective, delivering an, exemplary product to an eager marketplace.


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