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Kittitas County Republican Party Chairman’s Report (speech)

April 27, 1989


Early indications are that 1990 may be on open year in the 13th Legislative District. There will be no incumbents. There exists, therefore, the very good possibility that Kittitas County can put forward a winnable candidate for either state representative or state senator for the first time in two decades.
On May 25, Republicans from Kittitas, Grant, Yakima and Adams counties will be meeting in Vantage to talk about candidate recruitment. All Republicans are welcome to attend and express their views. If you’re interested give me a call for further details.

We hope to be sending out quarterly newsletter with pertinent information on GOP Activities and concerns in Kittitas County.

We have a lot of genuinely unique activities in our community because of the high quality of citizenry. The University and the Rodeo are always noted as distinctive contributions to the State of Washington. However, there are several joint town/gown efforts that have regional and national, even international acclaim. It’s not often we capture a United States Senator that schedules an entire day to be with us and then dines with us as well. So we want to make the most of this opportunity to present to Slade three very distinctive citizen projects in our Valley which have brought us regional, national and international attention. We want to say to the rest of the state, “Hey, look us over. We’ve got some good things going.”

Stewart Bledsoe

Our banquet this evening is dedicated to the memory of Stu Bledsoe. This is not intended to be a memorial service or a testimonial dinner as such. Many of you have asked about having the opportunity to say something about the political contribution Stu made to our Valley and that opportunity may be provided at a later date. Tonight what we have gathered here to do is to hear some comments from those outside the Valley concerning Stu’s contribution in light of the fact that our special guest is a long time friend and colleague of Stu’s, Senator Slade Gorton. Slade will be speaking on his perception of the first 100 days of the Bush administration and the current activity in the Congress, and maybe even the Supreme Court. But first I want to read a few letters addressed to us concerning the last elected state official to come out of Kittitas County, Stu Bledsoe. Before I do I want to acknowledge the presence of Dorothy Ann Thompson, Stu’s sister:

Robert Case


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