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Flag Day in Ellensburg (letter: Ellensburg Daily Record)

Ellensburg Daily Record
June 22, 1989

Last week our company distributed small American flags around downtown Ellensburg in celebration of Flag Day. With the extraordinary events unfolding in China and Russia and Poland it was our small expression of thanks for the freedoms we a enjoy in our democracy.

While we enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun putting the flags out, we were simply overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response of our neighbors. Telephone calls and personal visits from individuals came for several days afterwards thanking us and expressing appreciation for the patriotic display.

It is now time to express our thanks to an unknown group of young people who gathered the flags and returned many of them to us. Not only did that save us time and money but it also made that group a part of the Flag Day celebration in 1989.

We don’t know who they are, but we want to thank them. If they will contact us we will do something more tangible to show our appreciation. They impressed us!

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