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Fund Appeal at annual pro-life Banquet (speech: Ellensburg Pregnancy Care Center)

Fund Appeal (edited)
October 21, 1997

We Bible believing Christians are commanded to be a compassionate people (Eph. 4:32), that is, we are called to be a people with a deep love and sensitive soul for our neighbors around us. But, Biblical compassion is not a cheap feeling or emotion of pity or warm sympathy for something. It is a divine attribute of virtue leading us to loving action.

But in contemporary American society, feelings and emotions often substitute for godly virtue and biblical compassion. No where is this evil substitution more apparent than in abortion, because American compassion for mothers is the reason most often given for butchering babies before their birth. Now, if compassion for mothers is our guiding light, why stop with pre-birth homicide? Have we Americans no compassion for mothers of unwanted babies outside the womb who can be even more inconvenient and bothersome? And where is the dividing line between inconvenient new-borns, and inconvenient infants, and inconvenient toddlers, and inconvenient teenagers? Surely, teenagers make parents suffer as much as little babies do. How about inconvenient parents? Why shouldn’t we Americans be compassionate to those neighbors who are suffering because of unwanted and costly parents? Come to think of it, there are several other groups of people who may cause our neighbors to suffer–the hopelessly ill, the terminally suffering, the severely retarded, the troublesome racial and ethnic groups, the politically incorrect, the religious malcontents.

There is no reason why the American version of cheap compassion run amok will stop with baby killing. Indeed, 120 miles south of here, in Oregon, they can kill each other to save themselves from the inconvenience of pain, and the movement for wholesale slaughter of innocent old people (politely called, “euthanasia”–“a good death”) is well underway in our own state. Now that American life is cheapened and de-sanctified at one extreme through abortion, life is demonized at every age.

That is one reason why the battle over abortion is not just another activity in the life of the church. It is more critical than Christian education, more important than sending out missionaries, more vital than a new building program. God will not continue to withhold his wrath and judgment from a culture of death that celebrates and funds the massive killing of innocent lives. He will not be mocked (Ex. 23:7; Gal. 6:7). 18 million young lives cry out for justice.

The latest statistics we have from our own state government unashamedly indicate that in 1995 we had 327 live births in Kittitas County and 119 abortions. That is, of reported medical pregnancies, 27% ended in the death of a human being in our own county. 200 yards from here, at Central’s Student Health and Counseling Center, they regularly refer young student mothers-to-be to the abortuaries in the state. This cultural and spiritual war is not in some far off land, in some Flanders field; it is in our own back yard.

The Ellensburg Pregnancy Care Center averages 25-30 appointments each month with concerned women. Since it started its ministry in February, 1995 it has seen approximately 450 different women concerning their pregnancy. The Center runs on a budget of about $4000 a month and this particular event generates about 25% of its annual budget, so this is an important affair for EPCC.

They need 2 things from us tonight:

1) The Center needs money, now. They need a generous gift from us, tonight. They need a one time contribution, tonight.

2) They also need an annual pledge from those of us who can help to cover the continuing operating costs throughout the year.

They have provided envelopes at each table for each person. If you are able, please fill out the financial portion of the envelop, even if you are already a financial supporter because the staff will use these envelopes for constructing their budget. So they need the information, as well as the money.

In closing, I am reminded that what started in 1973 when Roe beat Wade in the US Supreme Court giving us the right to kill the voiceless among us, now, in only 25 years, has led to our right to kill the feeble-voiced among us. The full spectrum of life is now threatened. What was only the nose of the camel in 1973 for the sake of compassion for young surprised pregnant mothers, has seen the rest of the camel, the smelly parts of the camel, enter into our national tent because it is a one piece camel. And now the camel of death owns the tent.

Brothers and sisters, give generously to this most worthy and godly endeavor. Ellensburg Pregnancy Care Center is truly on the front lines of a massive spiritual battle, and we are its supply troops. Regardless of what you can do tonight, thank you for “standing in the gap on behalf of the” (Ez. 22:30) defenseless unborn.


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