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This blog site will feature essays, columns and musings that deal with the intersection of Christianity and journalism and the American Songbook.

Eric Metaxas: An inspiration (column: WJI Times Observer)

When you are engaged in mainstream journalism as a Christian you find many of your colleagues are either indifferent or even hostile to your worldview. And so you look for role models who are not only excellent reporters, but who also understanding the world you observe. Journalists, such as the famous retired New York Timesman John McCandlish Phillips, Russ Pulliam of The Indianapolis Star, David Cho of The Washington Post, Don Boykin of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jerry Mitchell of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss. and Manny Garcia of The Miami Herald, come to mind immediately as wonderful examples. There is also a figure close to home, here in New York City who continues to inspire me with his perceptive analysis and bold initiatives to engage the dominant creative culture – Eric Metaxas. Though not always associated with journalism, Metaxas is a leader in the evangelical community here in the Big Apple. He lives, works, worships and plays in Manhattan. A Yale graduate, Metaxas is comfortable discussing Bach or Berlin, Colson or Cavett, Bob the Tomato or Squanto, Schaeffer or Socrates. And now he has blessed his avid readership with a new book, Amazing Grace, which tells the story of the great British statesman and Christian, William Wilberforce. Metaxas has been a teacher for the institute for years and continues to urge our journalism students to consider New York as place of employment. I never tire of listening to his clarion call to engage our culture where it is being shaped. When our college students gather at The King’s College in a couple of months for our New York course, Metaxas will be there exhorting them to be a part of our great culture and I will be able to point to him as an example of one who is walking the talk.

Don and Lynn Boykin share a light moment with Bob at The King’s College.

Bob and Russ Pulliam discuss a journalism point in Asheville.


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