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This blog site will feature essays, columns and musings that deal with the intersection of Christianity and journalism and the American Songbook.

Go urban, young journalist and grow up with the country (column: WJI Times Observer)

WJI Times Observer

Case in Point column

With apologies to John B. L. Soule (a Terre Haute Express 1851 editor), New York City rocks for journalists. America’s cultural leaders have long realized that changing the national culture requires a presence in her urban centers; actually, a presence in only two centers: Los Angeles and New York. In late June, the US Census Bureau released its latest population estimates and New York City continues its national dominance by being twice as large as number two, Los Angeles. And the population growth is increasing. It is not surprising, therefore, that American culture is made in Manhattan and Hollywood. We evangelicals, however, continue to ghettoize ourselves in Orlando, Colorado

Hugh Hewett

Springs, Wheaton, Nashville and other bucolic and isolated cities. Insightful evangelical observers of American culture such as Hugh Hewitt, Eric Metaxas, Os Guinness, even the late Carl F.H. Henry have called the church back to the urban heartland. The evangelical retreat from the cities into our self-made ghettos furthermarginalizes our contribution to the national cultural debate and is grist for the continuing charge against us that we are rural fly-over denizens of the boondocks. Or as one of WJI’s most engaging speakers called us, “loonies from the boonies.”

Os Guinness speaking at National Press Club

WJI continues to make its presence known in the heart of the greatest city in the world and we are complimented that The King’s College partners with us. We invite aspiring Christian journalists who want to observe and record the great cultural and political events of our time to join in this marvelous cityscape environment that belongs to God as much as the forests of the southeast, the deserts of the southwest, the plains of the Midwest, or the suburbs of anyplace.


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