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The ABCs of ABC In November, the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), the bible of newspaper circulation, published its latest circulation figures for 200 of America’s largest newspapers. It can be seen as grim news. One of the hurdles WJI faces as a print-oriented journalism school in funding and recruiting is the national buzz that newspapers are dying. In short, why should one give to or attend a program that equips young writers to enter a dying profession? Those are germane questions, since the latest ABC circulation evidence is that all but two of the top 15 newspapers declined in circulation over the last six months.

 It will come as no surprise that the major competition for news readers is the Internet. The question remains: Why is the World Journalism Institute still print-oriented? The answer, self-evident 20 years ago, needs continual reaffi rmation today. Let me advance a proposition: While WJI must present journalism education that equips in the latest technology, it is committed to the notion that good and basic journalism skills are essential to the propagation of verifi able truth in today’s world, regardless of delivery system.

WJI programs will not be method-driven but rather will remain content- and process-driven. James Vesely, editor of The Seattle Times, recently wrote that there may be a “replacement of the method but not the methodology of reporting and editing.” We agree.

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