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Tony Blair has a moral basis for policies says Washington Post (column: WJI TImes Observer)

WJI Times ObserverCase in Point columnIn a December 23, 2007 article Washington Post article on the Roman Catholic conversion of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, journalist Kevin Sullivan took pains to point out that Blair was “far more open that his predecessors about portraying his decisions, particularly in foreign policy, in moral terms.”  To suggest that the British PMs of the 20th century did not make public moral justifications for their foreign policy is ridiculous. Whether or not one thinks a particular foreign policy coheres with ones own moral universe is beside the point. Every PM has rooted his/her foreign policy in public justifications. The fact of the matter is that all policy, foreign or domestic, is publicly justified in a democracy on moral grounds. Now I disagreed with most of what Blair did. But he, like all men, acted out of a presuppositional moral framework. This article points out that the religious education of American journalists must continue unabated to diminish such foolish reporting.


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