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WJI: A lifeline to Christians in America’s newsrooms (column: WJI Times Observer)

WJI Times Observer

Case in Point column

If we Christians want to influence our culture, we need to be part of the conversation. WJI has joined the media conversation by placing and equipping reporters, designers, editors and bloggers in America’s newsrooms.

WJI is the only independent school of journalism that is purposefully evangelical, rigorously professional, and precisely theological. Thus we have the Francis Schaeffer Chair of Cultural Apologetics, the John McCandlish Phillips Chair of Journalism, and offices located in the heart of media land— Manhattan.

WJI takes a thin slice of the majority culture—news media—and aggressively engages that culture in a winsome way. Engagement is not easy, quick or cheap. There’s a lot of ground to make up, because we Christians have retreated from our increasingly secular culture. But things can change and our God is not without resources.

In its first decade, WJI has equipped over 600 Christian journalists to be better at their calling and thus take their rightful place in the newsroom.

Dr. William Edgar, Francis Schaeffer Scholar (2002, 2009)

The jewel in our program is a multi-week, college-level journalism course in New York City. It begins with a worldview component taught by our Francis Schaeffer Scholar.

 We then bring in prominent Christian journalists to teach from places like CNN, Miami Herald, Poynter, Biola University, Indianapolis Star, and Ebony/Jet.

Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard, frequent WJI speaker

Course luncheons provide an occasion for students to interact with nationally known journalists, such as Nicholas Kristof (New York Times), Hendrik Hertzberg (New Yorker), James Fallows (Atlantic Monthly), Richard John Neuhaus (First Things), John Fund (Wall Street Journal), and Fred Barnes (The Weekly Standard).

We offer our most promising grads paid newsroom internships.

 In addition to our courses, we conduct shorter workshops and conferences around the country.

This year’s Fall Conference was planned for Kansas City in conjunction with the largest student journalism convention in the country. Next August we will partner with the National Association of Black Journalists in Tampa.

During all our conferences we bring in prominent Christian journalists, who often say it’s the fi rst time they have the opportunity to speak publicly about the impact of faith on their journalism.

Juan Williams

Our ethnic minority conferences are particularly unique. We have had speakers like Juan Williams (NPR/ FOX), Manny Garcia (Miami Herald), Deswood Tome (Navajo Nation), and Mike Luo (New York Times).

We are also the only specifically Christian exhibitor at the major journalism conventions, making us a solitary and important voice.

Finally, we lead in publishing works on the integration of Christianity and journalism. We distribute these to thousands of college and working journalists.

For ten years, WJI has been a major lifeline to Christians in the newsroom. Some of you have helped fund this vital work. I—and the hundreds of journalists equipped by the institute— thank you.

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