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Christian journalist: To shine light in darkness, expose where hidden

March 14 is Sunshine Sunday.

The American Society of Newspaper Editors launched the first national Sunshine Sunday in 2005 because of what the group saw as increasing government secrecy. Responsible newspapers like the Tacoma News Tribune, run by executive editor Karen Peterson noted this important media day.

Sunshine Sunday is aptly named to fall on the Lord’s Day for the Christian journalist because “sunshining” is at the core of being a Christian journalist.

Christianity teaches that the physical, created world (i.e., general revelation) is the public stage on which are enacted God’s dealings with humankind. God did not and does not act in secret. He acts before a watching, skeptical, fallen human society, and He understands this (Acts 26:26). Because He is so transparent, God is justified in demanding that His children in journalism bring light to the darkest places and to expose that which is hidden.

The Christian journalist reports and writes before a watching and skeptical world. Emulating God, Christian journalists should shine light on the hidden and unexplained. Neither should believing journalists be afraid of public scrutiny of their work and lives. If the Christian journalist can’t hide from God, why try to deceive anyone with wrongdoing? Christian journalists should hold themselves to the same standard of accountability and transparency they have for others.

Government, labor, business, church, entertainment – you name the sector – all is to come under the gaze of the Christian journalist because all belongs to a creator God.


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