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Christian journalist: Reporting on the ugly around us

A short Monday morning thought:

Pierre Bourdieu

The leftist French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu elegantly stated in his book Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste (1979) that culture is the “present incarnation of the sacred.”  Christian journalists need to be self-conscious about the “present incarnation of the sacred” in the world around them as they attempt to accurately reflect this world in their reporting.
Human culture is grand and good and beautiful, despite the pockets of ugliness caused by our sin. And so is the American newsroom. It can be an ugly, yet wondrous place for the Christian journalist to fulfill the cultural mandate  by reporting reality. So the journalist of faith needs to report and write on the beauty and power of nature and human achievement, as well as the failure of human culture in the midst of an ambiguous world. Thus, to diligently report the truth in whatever situation (1 Peter 3:15; Col 4:5-6; 2 Tim. 2:23-25; Titus. 3:2), is to take part in the cosmic struggle to redeem human culture.

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