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Barren but still Bearing

Last Sunday night (January 22), Kathy and I attended a presentation of the Cedar Park Church (Bothell, WA) Embryo Adoption Service. They were showing the West Coast premier of a new pro-life movie, “Gift of Life” narrated by Gov. Mike Huckabee. For those of us who have been pro-life warriors since l974, the movie was wonderful and encouraging, but rather familiar, except for one section – embryo adoption. This portion of the movie riveted our attention because our daughter, Karissa and her husband, Nat, have adopted two embryos from the Cedar Park Church facility! It is an astounding medical procedure (read: miracle). It is Luke 1:36-37 come to life in Seattle.

What happens is this: after forms have been filled out, evaluations have been made, medical tests run and mother’s body acclimated to a new inhabitant, a microscopic frozen embryo is thawed out in a Petri dish and then placed in the mother’s womb on the uterine wall. Its gummy texture sticks to the wall of the uterus and within days she begins to attach herself (we want a little girl) by sending her little fingers into the uterine wall. This caused bit of wonderful bleeding indicating that the little person is beginning to be nourished by mommy. I was concerned when she first was implanted that our little granddaughter would fall out when Karissa stood up but our Lord fixes all these mommy-daughter relationships in a wonderful way.  Our little granddaughter was a frozen embryo for several years. The donating couple had four choices of what to do with their frozen fertilized embryos: 1) Keep the embryos for future personal family building 2) to discard the little embryonic children, 3) to give the children up for medical stem cell research or 4) to give the children up for adoption to an approved couple. It is all very sci-fi and one needs to get the full story from Cedar Park Church.

Karissa is now in her fifth month and doing remarkably well. She carries on a full-time job as a King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor in charge of the Gang Prosecution Unit in King County. After two miscarriages years ago of a girl (Sarah) and then a boy (Daniel), we continue to hold our breath as she moves through the months towards birth. Her husband, Nat, carries on his job as partner in a downtown law firm, Ellis, Li and McKinstry. Their three-year old daughter, Alexis, carries on her job as the celestial light in the lives of Grandma and Grandpa Case (and Grandpa Taylor).

The wonder of Maria Lancaster and her program is remarkable (  Nat and Karissa don’t even attend the mega-church Cedar Park but this program is open to all qualified couples and has been an unspeakably marvelous blessing to the Case family.


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