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“Realities” and the UW GOP (letter: The Daily, U of W student newspaper)

The Daily, U of Wash student newspaper
February 6, 1964

Let me clarify a couple of misunderstandings. First, I did not say that. the paper “Realities” did not express the views of the University Young Republicans. What I said was, the paper naturally did not meet the philosophical views of every young Republican.

Fortunately for the strength of the Republican Party, there are varied opinions of the party members. There are both liberals and conservatives. Since the paper might not appeal to the liberal wing of the Y.R.’s I couldn’t say that it had unanimous support.

But the paper is good hard-hitting conservatism, basically what every Republican believes in. So, it must be approved for distribution by the University Y.R.’s if the New Conservatives cannot legally stamp it.
Secondly, there was absolutely no pressure put on me or any other Executive Board member by the New Conservatives to stamp “Realities.” We did it because we felt that it stated enough of the members’ direct views and all of the members’ basic views that we could in all good conscience approve it.


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